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Propile™ - data management for foundation works

Propile™ is a system for collecting data on construction sites, store it in a database and present it for all people involved in the project.

Data is entered into Propile™ during the construction process either on a hand held Pocket PC or on a PC in the rig - both equiped with barcode scanners for easy data collecting.

Immediately after data is entered it is available for the staff through a standard web browser, or for all other piling rigs on the same site

Every unit that uses Propile™ is connected to the internet which means very fast and reliable information exchange.
Why Propile™

Time saving
  • Propile™ communicates via Internet which gives very fast information exchange.
  • Propile™ eliminates the time consuming work to manually enter pile notes into the computer.
  • All data is gathered into one database and can be accessed with an easy web interface.
  • Different privileges for different user types: site manager, contractors, surveyors etc. This allows for all involved to enter and view their information
  • Propile™ allows several piling rigs on same site to share information between them.
Cost saving
  • All data in one place and immediate access to it gives opportunity follow up the project and create an economical review, as soon the project is finalized.
  • Piling data can be exported/imported to other programs/systems (for example MS Excel) via the standardized XML format.
  • Since data is stored in a standard database there are many, it is possible to access in many different ways.

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Try Propile™

Please feel free to try a demo version of the web-interface. Follow this link (opens in a new window) and log on with this information:

Username: demo
Password: demo

When logged on please type 11 in the dialog that pops up.

About us

Propile™ is developed by Pålanalys i Göteborg AB.

The people behind Propile™ have not only academic degrees from software development, computer science and civil engineering, they also have vast knowledge and experience from deep foundation projects and can meet the needs of information technology for the industry.

Some parts of the system are devloped by the IT consultant Calvia
Contact us

Pålanalys i Göteborg AB
August Barks gata 13 C
SE-421 32 Västra Frölunda

Phone: +46 (0)31 45 43 07

Email: sales@propile.se